Solar Panel Installation and Design – Things to Know

Solar Panel Installation and Design – Things to Know

The first question that comes to mind when you decide to opt for solar panels is where to install them and what will be the optimal way or design to put them. You must have read on numerous blogs online that the best way to install your solar panels in Adelaide is to have them North facing. However, that does not mean that there is no other possible way to install if your north side is blocked or shaded.

There have been numerous studies that show that you can have your solar panels installed south facing or a combination of east and west as well as flat and still have great savings on your power bills. Some times you can ensure that the amount that you are losing in terms of the power production can be managed by adding a few extra solar panels.

Another important element to consider is the output capacity of each panel. While traditionally most Solar panel systems had a 1.5kw capacity, now most standardised ones have around 6kw capacity. This means that you can effectively generate more electricity as well.

North facing solar panels

This is the ideal scenario for installation. It helps optimise the generation of power during day time thus allowing you to store the extra power in batteries and reduce the energy bills.

East-West facing solar panels

East or west facing solar panels help with power generation in the morning. Also in Adelaide if you want to beat the summer heat, west facing panels are better while east helps to generate energy even during the Adelaide winters. Overall power generation effectiveness is about 15% lesser than north facing solar panels in Adelaide.

South facing solar panels

You can generate suffice power with south facing panels as well. Their performance in summer is equitable to west facing panels but winter production can take a hit. However, in a year you will still be able to save significantly on energy bills for sure.

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