How long do solar panels last?

How long do solar panels last?

The usual life of solar panels can be a few decades, most solar systems are good for use at least for 25 years. One of the reasons these panels last so long is that they are designed to last and have almost no moving parts.

Solar panels will still continue to generate power however over the years the efficiency of the panels start to reduce which means that the amount of electricity produced might start to lower down.

There are a lot of instances where solar panels in Adelaide have lasted for nearly 40 years since there is very limited damage caused due to harsh weather. You just need to ensure that there is no physical damage due to any other factors.

One of the elements that may not serve you as long as you solar panels is the inverter. It is the element that converts the solar power to electricity that can be used at home. Therefore it is a part that is working all day. Most inverters have a warranty period of 5-10 years, hence you have to ensure that you have maximum warranty for your inverters. In most cases, inverters are expected to serve for 15 years.

In the long run, you’ll see that the investment that you make in solar systems will pay off for sure. However, if you consider the overall term of the solar panels you’d have definitely saved more than you have invested

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