Solar Panel Cleaning – 3 Important Points to Remember

Solar Panel Cleaning – 3 Important Points to Remember

One of the biggest advantages of investing in solar panels is that the maintenance cost and time required is minimal. However, depending on the area you live in and the weather, there might be some kind of maintenance you might need. Most of the times it is just basic cleaning that is required to keep the solar panels in optimal use.

Why Solar Panel cleaning is required?

You might have read that most solar panels in Adelaide and globally are self cleaning, which is true to a large extent. There can be some dust, oil, leaves, dirt and other external elements that might have fallen and built a layer over the panels. These can obstruct the amount of sunlight that falls on the panels and thus can have an impact on the overall efficiency of the panels. To get the most out of the solar panels installed at your home, ensure that the cleaning is done.

What should be the cleaning frequency?

This is a subjective matter since no two installations are the same and nor are two different locations. Solar panels in Adelaide usually can be cleaned once a year because the city does not have extreme weather nor a lot of dust storms. However, if you have your panels installed with a lot of trees nearby which can lead to leaves or bird poo covering the panels you might need to do it every 6 months.

Also, try and ensure that when the panels are being installed, they are a little inclined so rain can wash away the dust and keep them clean.

How to clean solar panels?

While the solar panels present a future technology that allows you to have a green and smart home, the cleaning process is pretty old school. You can use a long handled sponge with water to clean it from the ground level. Another easy way to clean panels is to directly clean with water from hose at a lower pressure. Also, if you wish not to do it by yourself, you can always get professional help you keep your solar panels in Adelaide or anywhere else clean.

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