Your Home and Solar Power

Your Home and Solar Power

Residential Solar is the perfect solution for your energy needs at home. QLD, SA and VIC are adequate sunlight around the year, solar power can help create enough energy to fulfil your residential energy requirements.

Customized Residential Solar

Our expert team will connect with you for a customized solutions for your residential solar needs. We will analyse the available area for installation and your energy requirements to help design the ideal solar system and battery to ensure that you can get the maximum output from your system. You can get a free estimate for your residential solar system and battery from our experts at DirectSolarWholesaler.com.au.

Quality Solar Panels, Low Maintenance

We understand that the idea of converting to solar power is to help reduce energy costs and stress. Hence, we ensure that we install the best quality solar panels that require little to low maintenance so that you can continue to make most of the power of the sun without having to spend much time or money in maintenance.

Reduced Energy Costs

When you invest in residential solar, the idea is to ensure that you can produce enough solar energy to suffice your home power requirements. With the solar system installed, not only you will get free energy for your home but can also get rebate for the additional energy that is produced by the system but not consumed by you. This way you can save additionally on your residential solar needs.

Get started today

There is no better time to get started that now!

Get in touch with our team of experts at DirectSolarWholesaler.com.au for the quick and easy solar system installation. We will ensure that you not only get the best residential solar solution but also get it a great pricing. As our name suggests, we offer wholesale prices direct to the retail consumers. So start your solar journey with us today!

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