Residential Solar

Residential Solar

When it comes to residential solar panels in Adelaide or anywhere in South Australia or any corner of Australia, DirectSolarWholesaler.com.au is your best bet. We make it easier for you to switch to Solar with the costs being lower and also the time taken being lesser. With our experience in helping a number of home owners get the perfect solar solution for their energy needs, we will be able to help you with best customised solution for your needs.

Sun Power to Solar Power

When you have solar panels in Adelaide, you will be able to convert the power of the sun to DC energy. It you are connected to the grid, you can also get credit for the additional power that you generate but do not use. This way you will be able to ensure that you energy costs remain low. Also, if you are not connected to the grid, you can use batteries to store the energy for future use.

Our team of expert residential solar panel installers can ensure that you can get optimal energy from your installation. Moreover, with our experienced home installation team, we ensure that the solar panel system is installed in time.

While people are moving over to smart homes, solar power can make your home real smart. More importantly, it is great for the environment as well. A large number of Australians have already changed to solar consciously and it is about time you did the same. If you need any help with switching to solar, we are here to help you!